Hire Terms & Conditions

From hereon in, any references to “the supplier” relates to dance2 sound & light hire. References to “the customer” relate to the hirer of the equipment. The hirer means the person whose name &/or address appear on the hire agreement &/or the person providing the holding deposit &/or the person who paid or is paying for the hire and if more than one hirer then their liability s joint and several. References to “equipment” relate to any equipment, article, tool or accessory hired by the customer. A hirer who is under 18 years old at the date of the hire contract must have a co-hirer who is over 18 years old.


Payment terms & conditions
1) the customer fully accepts the suppliers hire terms & conditions once the customer has paid a booking deposit of any amount or removed the equipment from the supplier’s premises. By signing the booking deposit slip &/or hire agreement, the customer accepts the terms & conditions of the supplier.

2) equipment is only reserved on receipt of at least 50% or more booking deposit of the hire charge. Provisional bookings provide no guarantee. Booking deposits are non-refundable. If equipment hire is cancelled with less than seven (7) days notice from the hire date, the customer will pay the remainder of the full hire fee. The supplier shall not be liable for any losses of the hirer or any third party in the event that the supplier is unable to provide all or any part of any equipment for which a booking or reservation has been made.

3) if a hire is booked and then cancelled within a seven (7) day period then provided cancellation takes place more than 7 days before the hire date, a 50% cancellation fee (half of the full hire fee) is charged to the customer.

4) the hire fee and a holding deposit is payable upon collection of equipment. In addition, all customers must leave two original forms of identification, showing their current name and address. One of which must show a recent photograph. Suitable forms of identification include: a current passport, full driving license, student travel/union card, household bill (gas, water, electric etc). The supplier reserves the right to refuse hire to customers if unsatisfactory identification is presented at the time of collection. No refunds will be given.

5) holding deposits will only be refunded upon return of all equipment in the exact condition they were released and on the agreed date of return. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a suitable vehicle for transporting equipment, unless prior arrangement has been made. Refunds are not available to customers that change the equipment hired, due to insufficient transport capabilities.

Risk ownership & insurance
6) please note that all hire equipment is not insured by the supplier. You the customer are fully responsible for all the equipment once you have signed the hire agreement, deposit slip, or started to collect the equipment.

7) risk in the hire equipment & any products will pass immediately to the customer when equipment leaves the physical possession, premises or control of the supplier. The hirer is therefore advised to insure the equipment for its full replacement value. Against loss, fire, damage & theft.

8) it is the customers responsibility to keep all equipment in their possession and control at all times. To ensure that no equipment is stored in unattended, uninhabited or third party premises for any period of time.

9) the equipment on hire remains the property of the supplier, and the customer undertakes not to sell or offer for sale, assign mortgage, pledge or under-let, lend of otherwise deal with the equipment.

10) it is advised that customers ensure public liability cover applicable to all hire equipment is obtained, as the supplier accepts no liability for injury claims made by members of the public. The hirer shall indemnify and safe harmless the supplier from any claims brought by any third party for injury or death or loss or damage howsoever caused arising out of or in any way connected to the hire or use of the equipment hired.

11) equipment hire from the supplier is for use in the u.k. only. It is the customers responsibility not to remove equipment from the u.k, without prior written consent from the supplier.

Loss or damage
12) the customer shall pay the hire fee for equipment up to and including the date the customer notifies the supplier that the equipment has been lost, stolen or damaged beyond economic repair. From that date until the supplier has replaced the equipment, the customer shall pay the appropriate hire fee. The supplier shall endeavour to purchase replacements or equivalent replacement equipment as quickly as possible, and in any event not later than 45 days after notification of loss or damage using the monies paid by the hire customer. The hirer shall be liable to pay the full replacement cost at the recommended retail price of any lost/stolen hire equipment or any equipment damaged beyond economic repair as determined by the supplier.

13) if hire equipment is not returned on time the hirer shall pay the full daily hire charge from the due date of return until the actual date of return together with any damages that the supplier has paid or is liable to pay other customers as a result of not having that equipment available.

14) if hire equipment is returned in a damaged, unclean or defective state, the customer shall be liable to pay the supplier for the cost of any repair or cleaning undertaken to return equipment to a condition fit for re-hire together with the daily hire charge for the period taken to repair/clean the hire equipment. Charges are at the discretion of the supplier.

15) please return all cables coiled, with the supplied re-usable cable ties or velcro strap. All cables must be cleaned and tidy. A charge of 2.00 gbp per lead is made for cables that require cleaning upon return.

16) the supplier shall not be liable for any loss, damage, damage to property or vehicles, other equipment, loss of profits or contracts or any other loss including consequential loss of any kind suffered by the customer or any third party. As a result of non-delivery, unavailability,late delivery, defects, equipment failure, use /operation of the suppliers equipment of or relating to any equipment or ancilliaries, or any error made by technicians or staff.

17) damage to any equipment caused by misuse or negligence will be charged to the customer at the full retail replacement cost, or repair charge to be decided by the supplier. Equipment must not be used in a damp environment.

18) any equipment not returned due to loss or damage, the customer agrees to settle within 30 days the full retail cost from date of due return date, regardless of any pending or subsequent insurance claim settlement. The supplier reserves the right to charge at the normal daily hire rate until equipment is returned in full. Any administrative expenses incurred by the supplier or his agents, regarding insurance claims &/or litigation, are charged to and shall be paid by the hirer on an indemnity basis.

19) hire customers are not to undertake any repairs and must inform the supplier’s staff upon return of any faults. Do not remove labels &/or interfere with the equipment, mechanisms or any part of them. If any evidence of attempted repair(s) by customers is found, the customer is liable to forfeit their holding deposit and shall pay any further repair costs incurred together with the appropriate daily hire charge until the equipment is repaired.

20) the supplier is not liable for any injury caused by the handling &/or lifting of any hire equipment. The hirer confirms that he/she/they are aware of the hazards of lifting heavy equipment and agree to use the appropriate equipment or numbers of trained persons to lift heavy equipment.

21) failure to collect booked equipment will still result in full hire charge being applied to the customer. Delivery, set-up and collection of equipment by pre-arrangement only.

22) caution: do not use stroboscopic lighting as the sole source of lighting in the presence of persons suffering from epilepsy. Stroboscopic lighting should be mounted at a high level and not near escape routes or stairs.

23) fixed luminaries should be sited so that people moving around the premises are not so dazzled as to be unlikely to find their way out of the premises in an emergency. For smoke machines, lasers, strobes & loud sound systems, a warning should be displayed where possible.

24) there is no refund for non-use including consumables, i.e. smoke/bubble fluid etc.

25) it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that correct voltage is used with all equipment, including generators. The hirer confirms that they are experienced in using electrical equipment and will only use appropriately trained and experienced persons to connect and operate the hire equipment.

26) the supplier reserves the right to withdraw the whole or part of promotions without prior notice.

27) it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure valid ppl/prs entertainment license is in force at any venue used. This is not the responsibility of the supplier.

28) special offers/packages not available over Christmas/New Year’s Eve.

29) a full tutorial on how to use equipment hired is provided upon collection. Any further assistance required by the customer must be pre-arranged with staff. An engineer’s call out fee, decided by the supplier, will be charged for any additional assistance with installation.

30) hire equipment must be returned by 1pm (1300hrs) on the next working day, unless other arrangements have been pre- confirmed. Return after 1 pm will result in a full days hire charge being charged to and paid by the hirer.

31) the supplier reserves the right to refuse to supply equipment (even where a reservation has been made or deposit paid) and/or enter into a hire agreement with any hirer for whatever reason.

32) care must always be taken when using any equipment hired. The supplier holds no responsibility for damage caused by the customer electrical safety (inc. Generators) there is a serious risk of personal injury if you do not follow all instructions laid down in this guide. The equipment should be used by an able-bodied competent adult. Keep children, animals and bystanders away from the work area. Cordon off a “keep out” area either using cones, barriers or tape. Never use equipment if you are feeling tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Avoid loose garments and jewellery that could get in the way. If power supply fails and/or generator runs out of fuel, always switch off the equipment and unplug the equipment from its power supply. Ensure the work area is well lit. If in doubt ask us about lighting equipment. Never refuel a generator in the dark with a naked flame. When refueling the generator always use a suitable funnel. Always earth the generator. Never carry or pull the equipment by its power cable. Check the condition of the equipment before use.  If the equipment fails or if its power supply, cable or plug becomes damaged, return it. Never attempt to repair it yourself. Keep cables out of harm’s way and clear of the work area. Extension leads should be fully unwound and loosely coiled away from equipment. Never run them through water, doorways, over sharp edges or where they could trip someone – keep the equipment dry. Using electrical equipment in damp or wet conditions is dangerous. To reduce the risk of electric shock always use a suitable RCD (residual current operated device/trip switch) available from Dance2. Always have a suitable fire extinguisher available from Dance2. Never overload electrical sockets.


I the customer, accept full responsibility & liability for all equipment delivered by the supplier to any addresses provided.

All listed equipment is subject to availability.

Price information (value of goods) for all hire equipment is available on request.

Additional copies of the Terms & Conditions for hire are available on request.